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Monarch Mile will connect Gateway Gardens with Naturescape

Posted on 25 July 2017 by calvin

The East Nokomis neighborhood has two outstanding native plant habitats: the Gateway Gardens at the NW corner of E. 50th St. and Hiawatha Ave., and the Nokomis Naturescape just a mile away at 5001 E. Nokomis Pkwy. These two native plant habitats will soon be connected by a series of gardens along E. 50th St. called the Monarch Mile.

Monarch Mile 14Photo right: Gateway Gardens volunteer Linda Wogstad (left) and Nokomis Naturescape volunteer and visionary Vicki Bonk relaxed in the Gateway Gardens. Those two native gardens will soon be connected by 17 additional pollinator friendly gardens along E. 50th St., in a neighborhood collaboration called the Monarch Mile. (Photo by Margie O’Loughlin)

According to Gateway Gardens volunteer Linda Wogstad, “The goal of this collaboration is to piggyback on the federal government’s monarch corridor, which runs broadly on either side of I-35 from Duluth, MN to San Antonio, TX.”

The Monarch Mile, also called the 50th St. Monarch Corridor, will be installed on July 31 and Aug. 1. Members of the Conservation Corps of Minnesota will remove sod and replace dirt in the 17 participating boulevard gardens.

Monarch Mile 36Photo left: Rich Harrison, director of landscape design for Metro Blooms, stopped by to admire the growth of the Gateway Gardens’ flowers, prairie grasses, and trees. Harrison provided site evaluations for the boulevards gardens that will soon become part of the Monarch Mile. Metro Blooms is a major partner on this project. (Photo by Margie O’Loughlin)

The 15 homeowners, one church, and onebusiness receiving the pollinator patches, as they’re called, all applied for garden grants through NENA. (Contact if interested in applying for a grant next year.)

Metro Blooms has provided the design work and will be coordinating the installation of the Monarch Mile. Landscape design director Rich Harrison said, “The gardens will be in the boulevards between the sidewalks and the curb. Each garden will be about 7-1/2 x 12-1/2‘. The boulevards on E. 50th St. are especially wide, which will make the gardens more impactful. We have different plant selections depending on whether a site is sunny, shady, or a mixture of both.”

Monarch Mile 48Photo right: Black-Eyed Susan and Butterfly Weed (shown here) are examples of pollinator friendly, drought tolerant, native plantings. Plants like these make the Gateway Gardens a monarch magnet, especially during the migration months of Aug./Sept. (Photo by Margie O’Loughlin)

Members of the Fresh Water Society’s Master Water Steward Program were instrumental in getting residents to apply for grants. The cost share per garden is about $250, with the labor and plant materials having a value much higher than that. Wilderness Inquiry will be providing the muscle power to get the plants in the ground.

The Gateway Gardens exist on a half-acre inner-city lot. They are the result of a collaboration between the Nokomis East Neighborhood Association, area residents, Metro Transit (who owns the lot), and the City of Minneapolis. Colberg/tews landscape architecture created the garden plan pro-bono in 2010. They designed the plantings to look like a butterfly wing when viewed from the air. A generous donor covered the cost of the plant materials.

Monarch Mile 26Photo left: Invasive insects, like this Japanese Beetle held by gardener Marilyn Jones, present a constant challenge to the core of six gardeners responsible for the care and up-keep of the Gateway Gardens. (Photo by Margie O’Loughlin)

Wogstad was quick to point out that “all of this is the result of dedicated, well-informed arearesidents. The gardens could not exist without the support of this community. In particular, the volunteer gardeners had the vision in the first place, and have kept it going for all these years. We continue to welcome gardeners of all experience levels to join us.” Visit the Nokomis East Gateway Gardens Facebook page to learn more.

The four+ acre Nokomis Naturescape rests at the other end of the soon-to-be Monarch Mile. Vicki Bonk has been with the project since the beginning. “We started out by applying for a Neighborhood Revitalization Project grant 20 years ago,” Bonk said, “and I’ve shepherded the Naturescape along ever since. We’ve been able to achieve something special here through our model of Demonstrate (with the oak savannah and prairie plantings), Educate (the Growing Monarch Habitat Workshops offered in the spring), and Celebrate (the Monarch Festival each fall).”

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Naturescape Garden

Posted on 30 July 2013 by calvin

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Nokomis Naturescape Garden

Posted on 05 June 2013 by calvin

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Volunteers needed for the Monarch Festival – Festival de la Monarca

Posted on 24 July 2017 by calvin

The Minneapolis Monarch Festival – Festival de la Monarca is a wonderful blend of community celebration, art, culture, and the environment. This unique combination creates a magical opportunity for attendees, but also a rewarding opportunity for volunteers.

Join us as a volunteer at this year’s Monarch Festival and see for yourself. Volunteers must be at least 14 years old. Bilingual Spanish speakers are especially encouraged to volunteer. All volunteers receive an official Festival T-shirt as our way of saying thank you.

This year’s Monarch Festival is scheduled for Sat., Sept. 9 from 10am to 4pm. The Festival celebrates the monarch butterfly’s amazing 2,300-mile migration from Minnesota to Mexico with music, food, dance, hands-on art, and native plant sales. There are plenty of opportunities to get up close with monarch butterflies, learn about their habitats, and what you can do to make a difference.

The Festival will be held just east of the Lake Nokomis Community Center in the area bounded by E. Minnehaha Pkwy., Woodlawn Blvd., and E. Nokomis Pkwy.

Please sign up at to help us make this a successful, fun event for everyone.

Mural coming to Nokomis East
NENA is excited to announce that a community-focused mural will be adding color to 58th St. Mural artist and Nokomis East resident Victor Yepez was selected to paint the mural, which will cover the garage on a Bossen area rental property. Yepez has also created murals for local schools and in the Powderhorn neighborhood.

The goal of the 58th St. mural is to engage the community through art-making and art access on what makes a healthy, livable neighborhood with a lens for healthy eating, being active and tobacco-free living.

NENA is looking for volunteer artist assistants to help lead community paint days. Volunteers must have some experience with studio painting or drawing. Nokomis East residents are preferred. Please contact for the volunteer interest form.

Bossen Renters Party celebrates community
NENA hosted the Bossen Renters Party on July 8 as another opportunity for renters to connect with local services and celebrate their community. Over 200 residents of the Bossen area of Nokomis East attended the event.

Festivities featured dancers from the Somali Museum of Minnesota, Minneapolis Bike Cops, art printing, a walking tree tour of the Bossen area, and the Kalpulli Ketzal Coatlicue Aztec dance troupe. Local schools, churches, and nonprofits offered tables with information on services available to attendees.

Thank you to all of the volunteers, organizations, churches, and event sponsors that made this event possible.

Home Improvement Loan Program suspended
In June, NENA received notice that our lending partner and local nonprofit, Greater Metropolitan Housing Corporation (GMHC), will be closing its Housing Resource Center on July 31, 2017. GMHC has enabled neighborhood organizations like NENA to offer low-interest loans by serving as the program administrator and loan officer for many years.

On July 10, 2017, GMHC sent a second communication stating it is no longer possible for it to process new loan applications and the program has ended effective immediately. As a result, NENA will no longer be able to offer the Home Improvement and Emergency Repair Loans at this time.

We are currently reviewing alternative lending partners for this popular loan program. As always, we will communicate updates and reinstatement notices on the NENA website and through NENA News.

If you have any questions about a current loan, please contact the GMHC Housing Resource Center at 612-588-3033.

Sign up for NENA News
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Upcoming meetings and events:
08/02/17: NENA Housing, Commercial and Streetscape Committee, NENA Office, 6:30pm
08/05/17: Garden Work Night, Nokomis Naturescape, 6pm. All are welcome.
08/09/17: NENA Green Initiatives Committee, NENA Office, 6:30pm
08/10/17: Fun at Bossen Field—Free Yoga Class, Bossen Field Park, 6pm
08/24/17: NENA Board Meeting, NENA Office, 7pm

Web: • Facebook:
Twitter: • Email:
Phone: 612-724-5652

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Athletic fields designed near Nokomis, urban ag proposed near Hiawatha

Posted on 27 June 2017 by calvin

Open house held as changes require modification of Nokomis-Hiawatha Regional Park by park board

With the focus of nearby Bossen Park on softball, some residents feel that leaves room for other sports such as Australian Football and soccer at Nokomis Park.

The current project at Bossen is placing four premier baseball/softball fields in a pinwheel formation looking out, with another two fields on the south side and two large open field areas on the north.

field Concept 2017 - Option A.aiPhoto left: Concept A is one of two concepts MPRB asked the public for input on. (Illustration provided)

When the Nokomis-Hiawatha Regional Park master plan was approved in March 2015, it didn’t include a specific layout for the athletic fields, in part because planners knew that the Bossen Field project was about to get underway, pointed out MPRB Director of Strategic Planning Adam Arvidson.

When the Nokomis-Hiawatha Regional Park master plan was approved in March 2015, it didn’t include a specific layout for the athletic fields, in part because planners knew that the Bossen Field project was about to get underway, pointed out MPRB Director of Strategic Planning Adam Arvidson.

However, the fields at Nokomis are currently in very poor condition, and MPRB held an open house on May 25 to ask for community input on the athletic fields as it prepares to fix them.
The two proposed plans for Nokomis aim to preserve large open spaces for a variety of sports, remarked Arvidson.

Concept A includes seven adult-size softball fields of which two are in the far south of the parcel, three high-school-sized soccer fields, and an Australian football field in the center.

Concept B configures the fields differently and has six softball fields, three soccer fields and an Australian football field in the center. Both include a 60-space parking area and trail cutting across the center of the area.

Citizens asked if there could be a storage shed for groups that play there, as well as a place for bathrooms and drinking fountains. Others asked for lighting on the fields. Additional input was taken through an online survey that was open through June 23.

Football players hope to use the fields more

No-Hi Master Plan 3Photo right: A group of Minnesota Freeze Australian Football, Gaelic football, and hurling players attended the open house on May 25 to learn about the two proposals. The men’s Minnesota Freeze teams currently hold its Wednesday night weekly practices and Saturday morning games at Lake Nokomis, and the women’s team would like to be there, as well. (Photo submitted by Minnesota Freeze)

“It would be great to have the men’s and women’s teams practice together,” noted Freeze Captain Andrew Werner, a Nokomis resident, but it is difficult to do now because of how the fields are arranged. “The sport is community-based,” he observed. “A lot of families come out and watch, too.” Plus, they’d like to see the club grow.

“It would be great to have the men’s and women’s teams practice together,” noted Freeze Captain Andrew Werner, a Nokomis resident, but it is difficult to do now because of how the fields are arranged. “The sport is community-based,” he observed. “A lot of families come out and watch, too.” Plus, they’d like to see the club grow.

The groups need fields that are larger than soccer fields, such as two soccer fields side-by-side, to play a game. The Gaelic team can’t use the fields as they are now due to the number of potholes, unlevel surfaces, and gopher holes.

Urban ag area at Hiawatha
Another change being considered to the master plan was driven by a community desire to be able to harvest fruit in the park, explained Arvidson.

The current plan calls for naturalizing the landscape along the east side of Lake Hiawatha and eliminating much of the grassy lawn. The proposed change would replace the naturalized landscape with an urban agriculture area that would include foraging in a woodland environment.

If this is approved, citizens would still be prohibited from harvesting at the site until the park board changes its anti-foraging ordinance, which was recommended in the Urban Agriculture Plan approved in 2014. The park board is currently working on modifying the Vegetation Molestation Ordinance to allow for harvesting within designated areas, according to Arvidson.

No-Hi Master Plan 2Photo right: Minnesota Freeze men’s team captain Andrew Werner discusses athletic field configurations with fellow football and hurling players during an open house on Thursday, May 25, 2017. (Photo by Tesha M. Christensen)

In the future, the MPRB intends to include a list online with an interactive map showing people where they can harvest food.

Some residents are also pushing MPRB to create a food forest at the Hiawatha Golf Course site, which would not be mutually exclusive from an urban agricultural area on the east side of Lake Hiawatha, said Arvidson. The golf course property is not included within the Nokomis-Hiawatha Master Plan.

Funding tricky
The financing of the fields will be tricky, as regional park dollars can’t be spent on athletic fields, which are considered as neighborhood park amenities, explained Arvidson. Regional park systems tend to be nature-based recreational systems. Neighborhood parks, in contrast, can’t get state or regional funding or access Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment funds.

Meanwhile, Minneapolis seeks to avoid using neighborhood tax dollars for capital improvements in the 19 regional park facilities within the city.

No-Hi Master Plan 1Photo left: Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board employee Siciid Ali (left) discusses possible changes to the Nokomis-Hiawatha Master Plan with Nokomis resident Alan Schneider, who has helped with the Naturescape Gardens over the years. He is concerned that park staff is mowing too much of the natural gardens near the trails. He also hopes that planners continue to leave space for pick-up soccer games in the park. (Photo by Tesha M. Christensen)

Arvidson observed that 47 million people a year use the metro-area regional parks, while 10 million visit state parks. The second most popular regional park in Minnesota is the Chain of Lakes Park in Minneapolis with 5.5 million visitors each year.

“Four of the top five most visited parks in the regional park system are in Minneapolis,” said Arvidson. He’s frustrated that the state legislature has excluded these popular areas from bonding bills.

MPRB will likely consider the changes to the Nokomis-Hiawatha Regional Park plan and public comments at its July 19 meeting, which will begin at 5pm at 2117 W. River Rd. N.

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Posted on 26 June 2017 by calvin

Accepting applications
NENA is seeking applicants for the vacant Board seat from the Wenonah neighborhood. The Wenonah neighborhood is bordered by 54th St. on the north; 34th Ave. on the east; Cedar Ave. on the west; and the southern boundary of the City of Minneapolis on the south.

If you live in the Wenonah neighborhood as a homeowner or renter, you can nominate yourself. Any NENA member can also nominate a Wenonah neighborhood resident as an applicant for the Board. Completed nomination forms for the Wenonah seat are due July 6. More information and the Board application is available on the NENA site,

Monarch Magic! workshops
Monarch Magic! is a free activity program offered by Wavelets Creative Arts in partnership with the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board and NENA.

Monarch Magic! activities are led by Lake Nokomis Artist-in-Residence James Everest, with Naturalist Jenny Winkelman and several guest teaching artists. All activities take place outdoors at Lake Nokomis Park and are free and open to people of all ages and abilities.

Participants will learn about various aspects of monarch butterfly life cycles and habitat and then work together on various creative arts projects for the Monarch Magic! community performance installation at the annual Monarch Festival. The Monarch Magic! installation serves as an immersive entryway from Lake Nokomis and nearby neighborhoods into the Festival on Sat., Sept. 9.

Workshops run from June 25 until Sept. 9. For more information or to sign up for a workshop, go to

Monarch Mile Coming to Nokomis East in August
This summer Nokomis East will be adding another project that expands the number of pollinator-friendly gardens in our neighborhood. The Monarch Mile is a pathway of native plants along E. 50th St. from the Nokomis Naturescape to the Gateway Gardens. In partnership with Metro Blooms, NENA will be installing 17 pollinator gardens in the boulevards to attract butterflies, bees, and birds, and to add natural beauty to our neighborhood. The boulevard gardens will be installed by Minnesota Conservation Corps members in late July and early August.

Curb Appeal Matching Grant Lottery
The first year of the Curb Appeal Matching Grant Lottery was a success, with 52 Nokomis East residents registering for the reimbursement funds. The lottery drawing at the May 23 Night Out With NENA event randomly selected 16 grant recipients. Of the 16 winners, five were from Keewaydin, five from Minnehaha, three from Morris Park, and three from Wenonah. The funded projects include house painting, step repair, hardscaping, and new roofing.

Due to the interest in the first round of grants, the Curb Appeal Grant Lottery will return next year! Subscribe to our online newsletter, NENA News, on the NENA website for future announcements on the next registration period and other neighborhood information.

Sign up for NENA News
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Nokomis East Food Garden growing at St. James Episcopal

Posted on 22 May 2017 by calvin

Article and photos by MARGIE O’LOUGHLIN
St. James Episcopal Church, 3225 E. Minnehaha Pkwy., is expanding their onsite garden and, with the help of neighborhood volunteers, starting to grow fresh produce for the Minnehaha United Methodist Church Food Shelf.

The first big workday for the food shelf garden was held on Sat., Apr. 29. Four wooden, raised beds were built by more than two dozen volunteers, and a second row of cinder blocks was added to the five existing beds. Planting days were held on the two following Saturdays.

Food Shelf Garden 05Photo right: Volunteer gardeners have signed contracts indicating they are willing to work a minimum of two hours per week on the food shelf community garden for the 2017 growing season. Gardeners of all experience levels are welcome to apply.

Lauren Hazenson, Program and Communications Manager for the Nokomis East Neighborhood Association (NENA), explained the evolution of the garden design and mission. “The idea for the Nokomis East Food Garden came out of a series of conversations between members of NENA’s Green Initiatives Committee and the community. We’re already connected to two strong garden projects: the Nokomis Naturescape at 50th St. and Nokomis Pkwy., and the Gateway Gardens at 50th St. and the old Hiawatha Train Station.”

“We wanted to partner with an existing garden site to grow food and, ultimately,” Hazenson said, “the partnership that emerged included St. James Episcopal, Lake Nokomis Lutheran, and Minnehaha United Methodist churches. We surveyed church members and it was clear that they wanted to grow food for the purpose of being distributed at the local food shelf. People are also welcome to join us who are unaffiliated with these churches, but who are excited about the garden’s mission. The food shelf at Minnehaha United Methodist serves more than 600 clients each month; they’re open on Tuesdays from 10am-3pm, in the church basement at 3701 E. 50th St.”

Food Shelf Garden 10Photo left: St. James Episcopal Church member Ted Gerold worked at building one of the four new 4’ X 8’ raised beds. Food shelf clients were asked what vegetables they would prefer, and the response was unanimous: tomatoes. All four of the new beds will be dedicated to growing different kinds of tomatoes.

This will be the third season for the garden at St. James Episcopal, but the first with a focus on feeding clients of the food shelf. The original idea for a garden on the church property came from Eagle Scout Ian Shea, whose uncle formerly pastored there.

St. James church member Anne Scheibel has been one of the driving forces behind the new partnership. “We have been so lucky with the volunteers who’ve come forward,” she said. “Our gardeners are informed and passionate about what they do. We’ll be figuring out regular gardening times if people want to come and volunteer together. What we’ve seen so far has been a nice mix of ages and experience levels. When we get together there’s been a lot of conversation and networking about things related to the garden and well beyond. It’s a great way to meet new people and improve your gardening skills.”

Community gardens add beauty to the neighborhood and heighten people’s awareness and appreciation for living things. There will be an Open House for interested gardeners at the garden site on Thur., June 15, 6-8pm. For more information, contact NENA’s Lauren Hazenson at 612.724.5652 or

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Time to register for the June 17 NENA Community Garage Sale

Posted on 22 May 2017 by calvin

Garage Sale registration
Do you live in the Nokomis East area and have a summer sale in mind? We’ll take care of the promotion! Are you a bargain shopper who doesn’t want to drive all around town to find the best deal? The annual NENA Garage Sale brings buyers and sellers together for a neighborhood-wide event with sales for every shopper’s need. Last year, the event listed over 100 garage sales.

This year the sale will take place on Sat., June 17. If you plan to have a sale, be sure to register at by June 10 to be included on the NENA map. Printed maps will be available the week of the sale at the NENA office, on the NENA website, and at local businesses.

Register your block for National Night Out
National Night Out (NNO) is an annual community-building campaign that promotes police-community partnerships and neighborhood connections. Participating in NNO is free. Get to know your neighbors at this annual event by hosting an NNO party on your block.

Registering your NNO event and applying to close your street/alley is a single online process. To register go to

If you register by July 18, you can block your street for free. If you register from July 19 through July 26, there is a $100 fee. All street blocking must be registered by July 26.

Pollinator Garden volunteers needed
Nokomis East is home to two flourishing native plant, pollinator-friendly community gardens. Each garden is maintained entirely by area volunteers. We could use your help! Your volunteer work will maintain an important stop for pollinators in the neighborhood and the environment of the entire region.

Garden volunteers meet at the Nokomis Naturescape on Lake Nokomis at 50th St. and Nokomis Pkwy. and the Nokomis Gateway Gardens at the corner of E. 50th St. and HWY 55. Nokomis Naturescape volunteers are in the garden almost every Tuesday at 6:30pm during the gardening season.

No experience is necessary, and you can help on an occasional basis or all season long. For more information about volunteering or about the gardens contact NENA at

Be A Part Of Nokomis East’s Future: Join A NENA Committee
Community gardens, home improvement loans, and community bike racks all started as NENA committee projects. If you want to know more about what NENA is doing, or you would like to work to strengthen our community, come to one of our committee meetings. All are welcome, and any Nokomis East resident can become a member by regularly attending committee meetings. Show up to any meeting to get involved. Go to to find more information on each committee.

Housing, Commercial, and Streetscape Committee meetings, every first Wednesday, 6:30-8pm, NENA office, 4313 E. 54th St.

Green Initiatives Committee Meeting, every second Wednesday, 6:30-8pm, at the NENA office.

Sign up for NENA News
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Monthly Night Out With NENA is scheduled for May 23

Posted on 24 April 2017 by calvin

With the new property tax statements out, residents have been asking questions about the change in taxes and values. Get your questions answered by a City of Minneapolis representative at this Night Out With NENA, hosted at the Lake Nokomis Community Center (2401 E. Minnehaha Pkwy.) on Tues., May 23, from 6:30–8pm.

The Curb Appeal Matching Grant Lottery winners will be chosen at the end of the evening. A hotdog cookout dinner will also be provided.

Night Out With NENA events are monthly opportunities for Nokomis East neighbors to connect and learn valuable information on a topic related to issues of interest to residents. Questions about this event can be directed to

Food Garden Build Day
Meet your neighbors, share some food, and help build Nokomis East’s first community food garden on Sat., Apr. 29, 8am–4pm, at St. James on the Parkway Episcopal Church (3225 E. Minnehaha Pkwy.). This garden grows food for local food shelves.

This is the first big workday for the food garden, where volunteers will be building the new garden beds and adding height to existing beds.

All volunteers 12+ are encouraged to join in. Bring work gloves and wear attire appropriate for the weather. If you are joining us for lunch, please bring a dish or snack to share. Please contact Program and Communication Manager Lauren Hazenson at or 612-724-5652 if you plan to attend.

Build Day schedule:
• 8:30am—Coffee, donuts, and volunteer sign-in
• 9am—Garden building begins
• 12pm—Potluck lunch

We will work until the garden beds are built. Come and join us for all or part of the day.

MPRB Volunteer of the Year
The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB) recognized Nokomis Naturescape volunteer Marilyn Jones as a Volunteer of the Year at a ceremony held on Apr. 19. The Naturescape garden is an official Monarch Waystation and National Wildlife Federation Backyard Habitat site located on Lake Nokomis at 50th St. and Nokomis Pkwy. Jones has been volunteering as a Nokomis Naturescape gardener for over eight years.

Residents interested in volunteering at the Nokomis Naturescape can join in every Tuesday in the spring, summer, and fall. The next work day is May 2, 6-8pm.

Register for monarch workshop
Register for the 11th Annual Grow Monarch Habitat Workshop while you still can! This kid-friendly session on Sat., May 20, 10am-noon (doors open 9:30am) offers a wealth of information for both beginning and advanced gardeners. The workshop is held at the Lake Nokomis Community Center, 2401 E. Minnehaha Pkwy. Registration is required, workshop attendance is free, and participants may purchase Garden To-Go Kits from NENA with 12 native pollinator plants for your yard. To register, fill out the form found at

Nokomis East Garage Sale
Garage-salers in the Nokomis East area are invited to register their sale on the NENA website, starting May 1. Last year over 100 sales took part in this all-day neighborhood event, which draws bargain hunters from all over the metro area. The garage sale itself will be Sat., June 17, 8am-4pm.

Curb Appeal Matching Grant Lottery
The deadline to enter the Curb Appeal Matching Grant Lottery is May 12. Nokomis East residents are encouraged to sign up and get their upcoming exterior home project entered to win a matching grant up to $500. Winners will be announced right before Memorial Day Weekend to start your summer off right. Contact for more information or go to to register.

Upcoming Events
• Sat., Apr. 29, 8:30am-4pm: Nokomis East Food Garden Building Day. Meet at St. James on the Parkway Episcopal Church, 3225 E. Minnehaha Pkwy.
• Tues., May 2, 6-8pm: Nokomis Naturescape Garden Work Night, at Nokomis Naturescape on Lake Nokomis, 50th St. and Nokomis Pkwy.
• Wed., May 3, 6:30-7:30pm, NENA Housing, Commercial, and Streetscape Committee, at the NENA Office, 4313 E. 54th St.
• Tues., May 9, 6-8pm: Nokomis Naturescape Garden Work Night, at Nokomis Naturescape on Lake Nokomis, 50th St. and Nokomis Pkwy.
• Wed., May 10, 6:30-8pm: Green Initiatives Committee Meeting, at the NENA Office, 4313 E. 54th St.
• Sat., May 20, 10am-12pm (doors open 9:30am): NENA Grow Monarch Habitat Workshop, at Lake Nokomis Community Center, 2401 E. Minnehaha Pkwy.
• Thur., May 25, 7-9pm: NENA Board of Directors Meeting, at the NENA Office, 4313 E. 54th St.

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November’s Night out with NENA

Posted on 25 October 2016 by calvin

What can the library do for you?
The Nokomis Library is one of the best in the City but did you know they have a lot more to offer than just books and free internet? They have programs for children of all ages. They can provide a wealth of information for businesses. They even have programs for health and wellness, arts and cultural activities, and even legal resources. Library staff and Friends of the Nokomis Library will talk about these programs and services at this November’s Night out with NENA event.
Mon., Nov. 14th at 6–7:30pm
NENA office, 4313 E. 54th St.

Vacant Board seat representing Morris Park
NENA is seeking applicants for the vacant Board seat from the Morris Park neighborhood. The Morris Park neighborhood is bordered by 54th St. on the north, Highway 55 on the east, 34th Ave. on the west, and the City of Minneapolis southern boundary.

If you live (homeowner and renters) in the Morris Park neighborhood, you can nominate yourself (most common); or any NENA member can nominate a Morris Park neighborhood resident as an applicant for the Board. Completed nomination forms are due on Mon., Nov. 7.

The NENA Board of Directors will review all applications and appoint a new Board member at its Nov. 17 meeting. This is a replacement appointment serving from November 2016 to April 2017. The appointed Board member may run to be elected to the seat at the April Annual Meeting and serve a full two-year term.

Visit for more information and application.

Neighborhood crime meeting
Over 60 Nokomis East neighbors attended the Safety and Crime Prevention Community Meeting Oct. 3 with the Minneapolis Police Dept. Discussion and information sharing ranged from an October shooting on 34th Ave., a review of crime statistics from past years, challenges and successes of neighborhood block clubs, when to call 911, and tips for preventing burglaries and car thefts.

For questions regarding the meeting please contact Shun Tillman, MPD Crime Prevention Specialist at 612-673-2846 or

Special thanks to Council Members John Quincy and Andrew Johnson and the Minneapolis Police Department for co-hosting the meeting.

Visit NENA’s website to access the MPD meeting handouts.

Give to the Max on Nov. 17!
2016 is an outstanding year for Nokomis East! NENA works arm-in-arm with neighbors and businesses to enliven our four neighborhoods.

Just in the past year, NENA’s volunteer Board of Directors and committees hosted over 25 small and large events gathering thousands of people to build a stronger neighborhood. Over a dozen homeowners secured NENA home improvement loans and preserved neighborhood housing stock.
Through grassroots organizing, we reached more than 50 Bossen area tenants and improved multifamily housing and protected renter’s rights.

The new Green Initiatives Committee is creating programming and setting goals to keep our environment healthy and sustainable.

And, NENA has touched over 2000 people to share useful neighborhood information through our bi-weekly e-news, website, and social media. And that is not all we do together!

We invite you to be an essential member of our community team. With a $20 donation on Give to the

Max Day, you will make a real difference towards funding neighbor-led projects:
– Neighborhood Garage Sale
– Día de las Madres Celebration
– Hospitality and interpretation at neighborhood events
– Nokomis Naturescape and Gateway Pollinator Gardens
– Night Before New Year’s Eve Celebration (Dec. 30)
With your help, NENA will boost our shared work enriching our Nokomis East community, environment, businesses, and homes. Thank you!


Upcoming Events In the Nokomis East Neighborhood
—Wed., Nov. 2, 6:30pm-8:30pm, NENA Housing, Commercial and Streetscape Committee Meeting at NENA office, 4313 E. 54th St.
—Sat., Nov. 5, 1-4pm, First Saturday Book Collection at Nokomis Library, 5100 S. 34th Ave.
—Sun., Nov. 6, 9-11am, Friends of Lake Nokomis Buckthorn Bust @ Lake Nokomis
—Tues., Nov. 8, 6:30-7:30pm, NEBA Board Meeting at McDonald’s Liquor Store, 5010 S. 34th Ave.
—Wed., Nov. 9, 6:45-7:45pm, NENA Green Initiatives Committee Meeting at NENA office
—Thur., Nov. 10, 7-8pm, NENA Executive Committee Meeting at NENA office
—Mon., Nov. 14, 6-7:30pm, Night Out With NENA: What Can The Library do for You?, at NENA office
—Mon., Nov. 14, 6:30-8pm, MPD Block Club Leader Training at 3rd Precinct, 3000 Minnehaha Ave.
—Thur., Nov. 17, 7:30-9pm, NENA Board of Directors Meeting at NENA Office
—Sat., Nov. 26, 4-6pm, NEBA Tree Lighting at Oxendale’s Market, 5025 S. 34th Ave.

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