2019 Ad Rates

A column inch is one inch high, and one column wide.

of inches
1-time contract:rate/inch 3-time
Under 8” $34.70 $32.95 $31.25 $29.50
8”-15.99” $32.95 $31.25 $29.50 $27.75
16”-30.99” $31.25 $29.50 $27.75 $26.00
over 31” $29.50 $27.75 $26.00 $24.30
Full Page $2138.75 $2011.85 $1885.00 $1761.75
1/2 Page $1069.35 $1005.95 $942.50 $880.85
1/4 Page $562.50 $531.00 $499.50 $468.00
1/8 Page $296.55 $281.25 $265.50 $249.75

To earn above contract rates, total of advertising inches used in any issue must be as large as, or larger than, minimum size called for in your contract. Our advertising representative will be happy to help you design your ad for your Monitor advertising program.

LNMInsertmapsmallInsert Rates

Minimum of 3,000 pieces required. Inserts may be zoned by carrier routes. Call for more information. Click on the image to the left for a pdf copy of the Messenger insert route map.

Click here for an exclusive offer on insert printing and distribution.

Number of
contract: cost per thousand
contract: cost per thousand
contract: cost per thousand
contract: cost per thousand
3,000-6,000 $80/thous. $70/thous. $65/thous. $60/thous.
6,001-9,999 $75/thous. $65/thous. $60/thous. $55/thous.
10,000-20,000 $70/thous. $60/thous. $55/thous. $50/thous


Insert Printing

Rates for printing of inserts distributed through the Messenger are on a bid basis. Call for a quote.

Click here for an exclusive offer on insert printing and distribution.

Color Rates

$150 per color for spot color. Four-color is available on the back page of the Monitor for $300 and center spread for $250. Ask for quote.


Advertisers requesting special placement will be charged a 20% surcharge if placement can be met. Minimum order of a 10-inch ad.

Political Advertising

Regular advertising rates and contract discounts apply. Cash payment in advance of advertising required.

Classified Ad Rates

Monitor classifieds are $1 per word with a $10.00 minimum charge. Classifieds must be prepaid and received in the Monitor office by the publication deadline. Ask about discounts for 6 and 12 time insertions. Classifieds can be submitted via email ( , fax (651-645-4780), or dropped off at the Monitor office.

Production Charges

Ad production is provided at no additional cost unless the Monitor must retain a graphic designer to create artwork or retain a photographer.

Contact Information

Denis Woulfe


Photocomposition and web printing
300 dpi photos and line art is required for optimal quality
•Reproduction proofs, 85-line screen required
•Five columns wide (61.5 picas) by 16” tabloid
•Full page is 72.5 column inches (5 col. x 14.5”)
•Half page is 36.25 column inches
• Quarter page is 18 column inches
•Eighth page is 9 column inches

• Column widths

1 col: 11.5 picas (1.917 inches)
2 col: 24 picas (4 inches)
3 col: 36.5 picas (6.083 inches)
4 col: 49 picas (8.166 inches)
5 col: 61.5 picas (10.25 inches)

Multi-Newspaper Discount

If you run the same ad created for the Monitor in the Longfellow Nokomis Messenger, you will receive an additional discount of 20% off your Messenger ad.

Camera Ready Ads

• If providing a Photoshop, Tiff or JPEG File: set your resolution at “high” – no less than 300 dpi
• If providing an Illustrator File: all fonts must be outlined and images provided. Save file in editable eps format.
• If providing a Quark File: provide the file, fonts and any picture or illustration files.
• All Other Formats: please convert files to PDF format, high (press) resolution.
• Acrobat Files: setting should be “press” resolution.

Online Advertising (

All online advertisements must be prepaid unless prior credit history has been established. Online ads are displayed on the Monitor website for a minimum of 30 days from the time they go live. Ads that rotate do so with a maximum of three other advertisements.


1 TILE150 pixels x 125 pixels (rotates)
ad appears on all pages except event calendar
2 TILE325 pixels x 125 pixels (rotates)
ad appears on all pages except event calendar
4 TILE325 pixels x 250 pixels (rotates)
ad appears on all pages except event calendar
Calendar Sponsor825 pixels x 50 pixels (no rotation)
ad appears above event calendar
Top Banner400 pixels x 100 pixels (rotates)
ad appears on all pages except event calendar
Website Sponsor825 pixels x 50 pixels (no rotation)
ad appears at very top of all pages

Technical Specifications: 150 dpi, RGB color, jpg file