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Block Club Leader Training set for Mar. 18 at Third Precinct

Posted on 25 February 2019 by calvin

The Minneapolis Police Department’s Third Precinct is holding a Block Leader Training on Mar. 18 from 6:30-8pm. The meeting will take place in the community room at 3000 Minnehaha Ave. (intersection of Minnehaha and Lake.) Off-street parking is available behind the precinct building.

Third Precinct crime prevention specialist Karen Notsch, said, “This meeting is both training for new block leaders and a refresher for people who are already serving as block leaders. We keep updating our police resources while building community one block at a time.” According to Notsch, the Longfellow and East Nokomis neighborhoods are very involved in blocks clubs to reduce crime. “At this time, 90% of the blocks in these neighborhoods are involved,” she said.

There will soon be four crime prevention specialists serving the 3rd Precinct, which is the largest precinct in Minneapolis. Shun Tillman serves the Longfellow neighborhood, and Jennifer Neale serves Nokomis.

Notsch said, “A lot of people don’t know they can get information directly from crime prevention specialists. If you witness a police action and want to understand what happened, calling 911 won’t help. Call 311 instead, and ask to be directed to the crime prevention specialist responsible for the neighborhood you live in. We can’t inform you if it’s a date privacy issue (like a domestic assault), but we can let you know any specific public information. Knowing your neighbors is still the best way to reduce crime.”

People interested in attending the training should RSVP in advance to Shun Tillman, 612-673-2846, or email