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Dowling principal asks for help with dog problem

Posted on 20 February 2017 by calvin

Dear Neighbors:
As the new principal of Dowling Urban Environmental Elementary School, I am honored to be here. Since my arrival in mid-October, I continue to learn many things about our students, their parents, and this vibrant community. Unfortunately, I’ve also learned about issues that need to be resolved.

Dog on LeashWe have a problem with unleashed dogs running free on our property. This problem is accompanied by several people not removing their dog’s feces after their visit. Despite the signs we have posted to remind people to “leash and scoop” there are some who do not adhere to this request. I write this letter to ask for your support and cooperation to address this problem.

Just like a neighborhood watch, we can all do our part in ensuring that this community space is safe, clean, and remains open to all residents. When we see an unleashed dog running around, please call Animal Control by dialing 311. If you feel emboldened to speak your mind, remind the dog owner that the land they’re on is not a dog park; that it is shared with other dog owners and gardeners in the community; and that it is their legal responsibility to keep the dog leashed and remove its droppings. I think with a reasonable appeal and working together we can solve this problem.

I thank you for your support.

Lloyd E. Winfield, EdD
Michael Dowling School
Urban Environmental Magnet
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