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Letter to the Editor December 2019

Posted on 01 December 2019 by Tesha Christensen

Feeling charitable? There are many ways to help

Dear Editor:
Almost 10% of our global population is living in extreme poverty, on less than $2 a day. 3 billion people worldwide lack access to toilets, and 1 billion don’t have access to clean water. The Borgen Project is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) that is addressing global poverty by working with U.S. leaders in securing support for poverty-reducing legislation. I’m writing this today as a volunteer and advocate who strongly believes in this cause and hopes that others who read this will feel the same and do something.
We all know that there are many nonprofits working directly to end global poverty, and these efforts should not go unnoticed. The Borgen Project is doing something different, though, and that’s advocating for federal dollars to go towards these endeavors.
$5000 towards an aid agency could build one freshwater well that provides 250 people with clean drinking water, but $2000 is all it takes to meet directly with 70 congressional offices in order to build support for a bill that would provide 100 million people with access to clean drinking water (Water for the World Act). Basically, using the same amount of money (or less) that an aid agency needs to assist hundreds, The Borgen Project can help to shape policy that affects millions.
All it takes is our voices, telling our leaders what should be done, to make some change in our world.
Find out more at There are internship and volunteer opportunities, plus much more information regarding global poverty and legislation ways we can address it.
Thank you for your time,
Ashley Strand