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Minnehaha Academy Summer Programs offer about every class under the sun

Posted on 20 February 2018 by calvin

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Minnehaha Academy will be offering a huge range of fun and enriching activities at their Lower and Middle School Campus again this summer. Their catalog boasts over 100 different sessions over nine weeks, so there really will be something for every child’s skill and curiosity.

Holly Abramson, Summer Programs director, said, “Our summer programs support families who already send their kids here, and they also serve as a neighborhood outreach program. About half of our summer participants are registered students at Minnehaha Academy. The rest come from all over the Metro area, as well as the immediate neighborhood. Our summer programs are designed to be academically enriching in nature. As you can tell from the schedule, they’re also things that kids really enjoy doing.”

Camp Minnehaha, the day camp program, is the heart and soul of Minnehaha Academy’s Summer Programs. There are half day and full options for this program. Students are grouped by age (pre-K through 8) and can participate in art, music, science, as well as swimming lessons at the Midtown YWCA. The cost of the Red Cross certified swimming lessons is included in the tuition for those who choose the afternoon option, as are Friday field trips.

Photo right: There coed woodworking (grades 1-2, or grades 3-6) as well as a woodworking class designed just for girls (grades 1-8).

Abramson said, “Our mission is to integrate Christian faith in learning for our Summer Programs, but people from all backgrounds are welcome. We have a very flexible approach to scheduling, which we see as a big plus. Students can do a lot of different things here, all in the same safe environment. We’re also quite affordable compared to other private schools that are offering summer camp options, and most of our summer programs are taught by licensed teachers. Our Chess Coach, Igor Rybakov, has the distinction of being named the best chess coach in Minnesota. Our Upper School Vice-principal Mike DiNardo will be returning as the Lego Robotics instructor. We have a great retention rate with students coming back year after year because the quality of our teaching staff is so high.”

Lower School Enrichment Camps will bring all kinds of skill-building classes to students entering grades K-5. There will be Woodworking and Lego Robotics, offered for boys and girls, or for girls separately. Survival Skills: Pioneer Life, where children will experience the life of the pioneers through games and activities inspired by Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House on the Prairie books.

Photo right: Beginning Guitar is available to Middle School and Upper School students (entering grades 7-12).

Jewelry Making, Beginning Painting, Water Color, Drawing, Hands-On Art, and Nature and Art classes will make art enrichment an option throughout all nine weeks of the Summer Programs. Chess Camp, Movie Making (offered as a two-week option), Adventures with Star Wars (using Legos and other interactive learning tools), Combat Robots, Video Game Creation, and other computer-based design skills will beckon. There will also be an array of opportunities to learn new music skills or to improve on old ones.

Middle School Enrichment Camps will offer some of the same classes listed above, but several also for grades 6-8. Standouts will include Wood Carving, Geocaching, Mixed Media, Minecraft, Design and Build Superstructures, and much more.

Photo right: Fishing is available at Minnehaha for kids entering 5 through 8.

Both Lower School and Middle School offer athletic camps in disciplines across the board including tennis, track, and field, soccer, volleyball, basketball, fencing, fishing, football and destination biking classes. Lower School campers will bike to libraries and museums; Middle School campers will bike to local parks to play Frisbee golf or soccer, or to attend organized games.

Upper School Enrichment Camps will offer ACT Math Prep, Advanced Band, Bridge to AP Calculus, Driver’s Education, Advanced Band, and Beginning Guitar. Students entering 9th grade may also participate in Video Game Design, Video Game Creation, Minecraft, Basketball, and Volleyball.

You can find their entire catalog of summer classes online or register for any of the Summer Programs classes by going to

Photo left: try a week of tennis, grades 1-4 or 5-8.

Call Holly Abramson at 612-728-7745 with questions, or to inquire about summer employment. Summer Programs is looking for dependable staff (age 16 or older by June 11, 2018) with strong leadership skills and a passion for working with children and youth.

Minnehaha Academy is located at 4200 W. River Pkwy.

Here are just a smattering of the dozens of unique options for summer from Minnehaha Academy:

Hands On Art
Entering Grades 1-2
This class is for the student who enjoys working with their hands! Students in this class will engage building very “hands on” art projects. Students will work with clay, mixed media, and more!

Craft, Cook & Eat Around The World
Entering Grades 2-5
This camp is for students interested in learning about other countries. Each day students will play native games, learn customs, make crafts and prepare food from a different country. Sign up and let your imagination travel the glove!

Entering Grades 2-6
Can you design the next Taj Mahal? Come create and build the future using Lego bricks in Snapology’s new and exciting architecture class. It’s never too early to foster your child’s engineering and building skills in this super cool program.

Photo right: There are numerous computer and technology classes available over the summer.

Video Game Designs
Entering Grades 4-9
Create your own video game in the awesome Snapology program. We will teach you how to design your very own online game that can be shared and played at home with family and friends. Skills include: computer skill building, program navigation, special planning, came mechanics, story narrative development, game progression, character choice, conflict development, and solution planning.

Photo left: At Minnehaha Academy soccer sessions are available for grades 1-2, grades 3-5, and grade 6-8.

Entering Grades 2-7
Students will learn the basics of fencing through the Minnesota Sword Club in Minneapolis. Instructors will cover the history of the sport, will teach basic concepts of blade and footwork, and will engage both concentration and awareness. Athletic shoes, a t-shirt, long sweatpants and inexpensive work gloves are required. No short pants or jeans please. All fencing equipment will be provided. Invite your friends!

Photos courtesy of Minnehaha Academy

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