Third Precinct may relocate to 2633 Minnehaha Ave.

Posted on 28 August 2020 by Tesha Christensen

The Minneapolis City Council is currently reviewing a proposal from property services staff to relocate the Third Precinct Police Station into the Seward industrial area at 2633 Minnehaha Ave. A council committee received the recommendation and final approval of a lease agreement will be up for a vote on Friday, Aug. 28.
According to Ward Two Council Member Cam Gordon, “If the action is approved, the hoped for move-in date would likely be sometime in mid to late October. This facility would offer space for most of the staff formally housed at the third precinct, excluding 311. This follows and an extensive search of any and all suitable alternative locations, the recommendation from staff is to authorize a three-year lease with an option to renew, which would give the city time to make a longer-term plan.
“I regret that this proposal is moving so fast that we have not had more time to work with the community. I have until the 28th to determine my vote and to influence this decision for others. I have already made clear to staff and my colleagues that this proposal is certain to raise concerns from nearby residents and property owners. While some are likely to welcome it as a positive thing, others will have more uncertainly and some may have strong objections.
“I believe that if this move is to happen those concerns and objections need to be addressed and there needs to be clear community benefits, reassurance and accommodations made for the local residents and businesses and that those should be made with their input. I am working with staff and neighborhood leaders to convene a virtual and an outdoor meeting early next week to hear from people and get feedback. In the meantime I welcome you to send it to me.”, 612-673-2202, 612-296-0579