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Who doesn’t want a Brighter Baby?

Posted on 18 November 2018 by calvin

Longfellow resident, educator and businesswoman, publishes a book on using music to help in a baby’s development

Longfellow resident Emily Ireland (photo left by Margie O’Loughlin) has just published “Brighter Baby: Build Your Baby’s Brain Power and Strengthen Your Bond.” The book introduces readers to 60+ musical activities that a parent or caregiver to do with the baby in their life. “Brighter Baby” is designed to help adults remember and relive the music of their childhood, while providing tips on how to turn those songs and rhymes into activities they can use throughout the day.

Ireland has an MA in music education, sixteen years experience teaching early childhood music, and is the founder and director of Brighter Minds Music studio, 3701 E. 50th St. She explained, “The activities in this book are ones that we use in our early childhood music classes. With each activity, I explain the benefits to baby’s development as seen through five different lenses: music development, cognitive development, social-emotional development, physical development, language and literacy development. My goal is to give parents and caregivers a great resource for bonding with their babies, while also giving them the tools to make music together.”

Having a baby is one of the biggest game changers in a person’s life. Ireland and her husband, PR consultant Michael Walsh, are the parents of two elementary school-aged children. When their first child was born six years ago, Ireland fell into serious post-partum depression. “It took me completely by surprise,” she said. “My husband and I were delighted with our new daughter, and I generally have a very sunny disposition. It was a difficult time for our family. I had my music school up and running, but I couldn’t manage the workload. In the zone of post-partum depression and sleep deprivation, I thought I’d better start practicing what I preached.”

Ireland and her daughter developed a daily routine of having infant massage time in the morning. In the afternoon, they played games together with a scarf or a ball, accompanied by singing. Ireland began coming out of her depression and realized that if she had benefited from having the many early childhood music resources she had at hand—other parents and caregivers would too.

The book “Brighter Baby” will be available on, and at local, independent bookstores soon. Copies of the book can also be ordered through With its November publication date, it’s right on time for the holidays. For parents or caregivers who don’t think they have what it takes to introduce music to their little one, Ireland said, “The most important voice to your baby is your own.”

As infants develop and grow, there are classes of all kinds for them to enjoy at Ireland’s Brighter Minds Music studio. Registration is open for winter session, and group classes are offered at Minnehaha United Methodist Church (3701 E. 50th St.). The Babies Class, for six weeks-18 months, teaches activities that help develop listening skills and provide a foundation for fun and interaction through music.

Activities in the Toddler Class (16 months – 3 ½ years) include bouncing and rocking songs, wiggle and peek-a-boo games, singing, nursery rhymes, and moving to music. Teachers may also include infant massage and sign language. “So many daily activities can be enhanced with music, and with better eye contact,” Ireland said. “The activities we teach will improve the quality of the time you spend with your young child throughout the day.”

For a complete schedule of group music lessons for children 0-5 years, and individual piano, guitar, voice, and ukulele lessons for ages 6-100, visit

An experienced educator and presenter, Ireland is available to speak at schools, and for ECFE and other parenting groups about “Brighter Baby,” and the value of early childhood music education. She can be reached at 612-743-0942, or by emailing