Asian Minnesotan leaders name the racism
In the wake of a shooting spree in Georgia that left six Asian Americans dead this spring, the Asian Minnesotan Alliance for Justice … Read More
The Black and Asian Solidarity event, planned after six women of Asian descent were killed in a shooting in Georgia, became an event … Read More
Liquor store to rebuild at Minnehaha and Lake
Although they considered moving, Minnehaha Lake Wine & Spirits (2613 E. Lake St.) owners Steve and Jason Krause plan to rebuild the … Read More
In a place where many buildings were destroyed by fire, something new is growing.A high-tunnel greenhouse south of Moon Palace Books (3032 Minnehaha Ave.) and Arbeiter Brewing will provide fresh, …
George Floyd Memorial Square

Taking care of the George Floyd Global Memorial

At the center of the intersection at 38th St. and Chicago Ave. S., a large sculpture of a fist holding a red, black and green striped Pan-African flag is surrounded by a circular garden. On Chicago …

Rebuild Repair Recycle
Local Do-It-Yourselfers head to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore at 2700 Minnehaha Ave. to get inspired.The outlet sells new and like-new furniture, appliances and building materials at discounted …
The city of Minneapolis Home Energy Disclosure program was honored with a competitive Innovation Award from the Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (MEEA) on March 23, 2021. Starting with the …
For people who care about conserving resources, recycling is a given. But what really happens to all the cardboard and paper dumped in curbside recycling bins? Mike Gunderson is general manager of …
Aging Well
How does a social worker and pastor end up running an auto garage?The path between the two isn’t as far apart as one might think, according to Cathy Heying.“When I was working at St, …
To a cross country skier, there are few sounds more magical than the swoosh of their skis on a freshly groomed trail – and Minnesota has no shortage of these.According to Gail Lundeen Brand, …
Helping people let go of things to focus on a new season of life is what Blissworks is all about.Wendy Wolff launched Blissworks, Beautiful Living in Simplified Spaces, in 2019. The company merges …
Home & Garden
Home-based professionals find a second home within NEBA
Since the COVID-19 pandemic set in among us, many have discovered themselves unexpectedly working from home. And, for a large number … Read More
Thriving places, thriving lives
How does the design of your house or apartment help you live a healthy and connected life? Kingfield resident Tasoulla Hadjiyanni has … Read More
Bee lawns protect pollinators and your precious time
There are better ways to spend your spring and summer than mowing the lawn. The noise, smell of exhaust fumes, heat, and humidity add … Read More
Buying and selling a home in the time of COVID-19
While some people refer to the last 11 months as the Big Pause, it has been anything but that for real estate broker and business … Read More
Removing a restrictive racial covenant from your home title
Since 2019, Minnesotans have been able to remove restrictive racial covenants that still remain on their home titles. Racial covenants … Read More
Haven’t you heard? Newspapers are thriving
Newspapers are dying.Thousands of newspapers have closed.No one reads the newspapers anymore.Only old people read newspapers.Newspaper … Read More
We're demanding accountability and common sense laws
On April 20, 2021, CAIR-MN was at the Justice for George Floyd Coalition headquarters in downtown Minneapolis, watching with our … Read More
What does justice look like?
As I write this, the trial of Derek Chauvin is underway and demands for “Justice for George Floyd” are everywhere. But … Read More
The fight for Black Rights: leadership challenge of 21st century
Children are the hope for the future. History has shown us that youth have been at the forefront of social change movements. Whether … Read More
Voices Against Violence
'She must have done something wrong'
Because fit mothers are losing custody and children are being harmed, supporters of Safe Child Act want to make sure family court … Read More
Voices against violence: mired in the courts
Editor's note: Due to the sensitive nature of this topic, this column by a local resident is being run anonymously. Like most … Read More
You don’t have to leave to seek help
Local and national staff, along with Carmen Yulín Cruz (mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico), and Teresa Rodriguez, from Univision, who … Read More
What we've learned: Highlights from Intimate Partner Homicide Report
DIVING DEEPER Now in its 30th edition, the Femicide Report has a new name: the Intimate Partner Homicide Report coinciding with the … Read More
Letters to the Editor Feb 2020
We are not believed about our own lives Dear Editor: Thank you for interviewing Leigh Ann Block and, presumably, believing her … Read More

Survey on policing conducted by the Longfellow Community Council

The Longfellow Community Council (LCC) conducted an online community survey of residents and business owners throughout Greater Longfellow and neighboring communities regarding policing issues. The …

Through Their Eyes



In the darkest time of the year, an ice carousel brought magic to Lake Nokomis.Fashioned by Ben Younan with help from others, the ice carousel was located just beyond the Little Free Ice Rink on the …