Cub needs to open 46th St. entrance for accessibility


To the Editor:
When the new Cub first opened, there was a welcoming entrance at 46th St., complete with carts and a self check-out counter, with nearby staff to assist.
In the past months, Cub has kept that entrance closed - in stark defiance to a city variance agreement to keep the entrance accessible during business hours.
Council member Andrew Johnson's staff have, several times, sent zoning officers to Cub to remind managers of the legal agreement – with no positive results.
Cub managers state there are securtiy issues: well, then, hire security.
I have many times witnessed shoppers who use walkers and wheelchairs struggle to get to the back parking lot entrance. The walk is long and inconvenient for any shopper who chooses not to drive.
There has been talk of Cub trying to negotiate the variance order by shortening the open hours at the entrance. I hope not.
Particularly at night, the walk to the back of the store is arduous – also hazardous; a dimly lit walkway with parked cars blocking the view. Cub also claims that the store is losing money. Yet, they installed a pharmacy, near the 46th St. entrance, in the past year.
Kate Nelson at Andrew Johnson's office has been very helpful in trying to get these issues resolved with Cub. Nov. 13 was a deadline regarding the order for Cub's compliance – I didn't see any change that day, however. Andrew Johnson's office number is 612-673-2212.
Cub, please open your 46th St. entrance again. There is a bus stop near the door there, lightrail a block away, and a bike rack nearby.
Please afford all of your customers a safe and convenient way to access your store. Winter is upon us... do the right thing.
Sharon Sanford


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