Happy Humans Fitness


Amber and Jesse Walker are the co-owners of Happy Human Fitness. Haven't heard of them? They're one of many home-based businesses in Longfellow that often go under the radar. Normally, Happy Human provides in-home personal training to busy families and seniors interested in lifelong health and happiness. The Corona- virus has cut revenue in half and limited their normal scope of operations, but they are still able to offer online personal training and training outside in parks or backyards.
Like so many people, Amber, Jesse and their two boys (ages 9 and 4) are experiencing wide ranging emotions and coping day to day can be a challenge. But their outlook provides grounding in the midst of uncertainty: "People think being a happy human means never having a bad day or being in a bad mood. We think that is an unreasonable expectation. Being honest with yourself and those around you about your moods and struggles is the quickest way back to happiness."
For Amber and Jesse, kind words are the fuel that keep them going. If you find Happy Human helpful in any way (classes, Facebook posts, or personal training), let them know. The encouragement is what gives them the passion to run an amazing business - even during a pandemic.

Happy Human offers a free daily virtual workout and mediation. All are welcome. Got to to get moving!


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