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America will be 250 years old on July 4, 2026, only five years away. We live in the longest standing democratic republic in the history of the world – certainly worthy of a nationwide celebration.
But, let’s get real – we have some serious infrastructure work to do before our big birthday. We need to build new bridges across political divides, draw up the specifications of the common American values and norms we can all agree on, re-construct guardrails and ground rules so we can work together to solve our country’s most pressing issues.
Thank goodness we have five years to pull this celebration together. And luckily enough, in Minnesota and across the nation we already have the foundation in place to make America’s five year strategic plan (aka birthday bash) come to life.
Braver Angels, our country’s largest grassroots organization focused on depolarizing America is building the infrastructure of our “more perfect union.” We are re-building our country’s civic trust – one workshop, one debate, one community alliance and relationship at a time.
We are Republicans and Democrats, conservatives and liberals, reds and blues, Black, Brown and White, rural and urban, young and old, coming together to solve our nation’s long standing problems. Braver Angels is re-building our nation’s infrastructure of civic trust and patriotic cohesion. We lead with curiosity, not judgement – all in an effort to find common ground and hold our country together.
We are paving the road to civility. We listen to learn, we debate, we read each other’s news, we talk to each other in a civil, structured environment about anything and everything that divides us. We disagree, but we always see the humanity in others. This is the work of citizens and patriots.
America’s strategic plan for our nation’s 250th birthday is being built across the nation and across our state with more Braver Angels per capita in Minnesota than any other state in the union.
We need a strong, solid infrastructure that’s built with love for country, respect for differences and a common vision of what America can be as we celebrate our 250th birthday. The national road to “our more perfect union” is being paved at BraverAngels.org and in Minnesota, where we know the importance of well-designed and constructed bridges across the divide, examine the engineering of braverangels.org/minnesota/.
Join us.
America: it’s ours to build and ours to hold together.
Kim Martinson, MN State Braver Angel Co-Coordinator


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