Minnehaha Post office to stay at 3022 27th Ave.


The United States Postal Service (USPS) has made the decision to rebuild the Minnehaha Post Office in South Minneapolis in the same location, 3033 27th Ave S., Minneapolis, MN 55406, as it has been since 1970.
While there is not a current construction timeline, all services will continue to operate out of the temporary facility located at 10 W. Lake Street, Minneapolis, MN 55408, until further notice. "We thank all who have made it their mission to represent the community and those that provided written feedback while USPS navigated the options for the Minnehaha Post Office," said USPS representative Nicole Hill.
When the project is completed, the Minnehaha Post Office will provide a full-service retail and house local mail delivery operations. Customers can expect to receive the same level of service from their own community as they have in the past.
While the Postal Service is sensitive to the impact of this decision on its customers and the community, the Postal Service properly considered community input and this decision is consistent with Postal Service objectives. Postal Service operations are not supported by tax dollars. To be self-sustaining, the Postal Service must make decisions that ensure it provides adequate and affordable postal services in a manner that is as efficient and economical as possible, according to Hill.
This is the final decision of the Postal Service with respect to this matter, and there is no right to further administrative or judicial review of this decision.


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