My beloved husband died of COVID-19, please take it seriously


To the Editor: My beloved husband of 41 years passed away on Tuesday, Oct. 13. He had COVID-19. From the day of his first symptoms to his death was only NINE DAYS. He was generally very healthy, and rarely got sick. I brought him to the hospital on Oct. 6, and he was on a ventilator within two days. His organs started shutting down immediately, and he was gone. It was not something we saw coming, we never thought of it. We were careful. We wore masks even when we were just walking outside in our neighborhood.
We didn't go to the store unless we needed something, and we wore our masks, and sanitized our hands. We washed our hands immediately upon reentering our home. We did everything right. Being careful (obviously) isn't enough. If others are not participating in the precautions, they will spread the virus. You can have COVID-19 and be asymptomatic – you can be out spreading your germs to all the people whom you come into contact with, get too close physically, or even just your breathing. Maybe you don't have any person(s) you are worried about infecting. But please remember there are thousands of people out there who have loved ones who are vulnerable. Even if the healthy 22-year-old walking past you doesn't make you think about the virus and its deadliness, maybe you could imagine this person's elderly or unhealthy parents or grandparents? Maybe they're around a child who has comorbidities?
Please do not believe this is "just the flu." Or, "no big deal." Please take precautions! Please protect other people from your own germs. Please be considerate of others. If you don't want to wear a mask, PLEASE order your shopping for pick up or delivery. And please stay more than six feet away.
This didn't have to happen!
I am devastated, and I am now a widow in my 60s. I have to change my entire life around, and I no longer know what my future is going to look like. We were getting ready to retire in a year or two, and maybe travel. Now my life has changed for the worse forever. I am one of the blessed ones who at least have family and friends around me. Many are alone, without any other persons. I know this is a lot to read, but I really hope you read and absorb this statement. It comes from my heart.
Terra Girard


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