Teachers, community rally at Roosevelt


"Our ESPs and our teachers have been working through historically trying times over the last few years and deserve to get paid fair wages; wages that keep up with inflation and cost of living. Our ESPs, especially, should be paid competitive wages and receive affordable health care for themselves and their families," said Wendy Ledesma on Tuesday, March 8. Her family lives near Roosevelt Library. She was with children Santiago (age 11) and Noemi (age 9), and Pearl Jones (age 7), students at Green Central, and their dog, Jyn Erso, on Tuesday morning, March 8. "As a parent of MPS students, I would love to see our ESPs' starting salary start at $35,000 while also paying less for their health benefits - it's not fair that they pay the same for insurance as others in the district making three times as much. Our students deserve more mental health supports in the form of social workers and counselors to work through everything that's happened in the last few years as well. The time is now to make things right."

Speakers encouraged those present to contact school board members, who include:

Kim Ellison, Chair, through 2025
Jenny Arneson, Vice Chair, through 2023
Josh Pauly, Clerk, through 2023
Kimberly Caprini, Treasurer, through 2023
Andriana Cerrillo, Director, through 2025
Siad Ali ,Director, through 2023
Ira Jourdain, Director, through 2025
Nelson Inz, Director, through 2023
Sharon El-Amin, Director, through 2025


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