Thanks for advocating for concerns of community


To the Editor:
I want you to know that I really appreciate you reporting and printing the article in the latest issue highlighting the lack of inclusion of neighborhood groups and voices in planning for the future for Longfellow and other neighborhoods and Lake St. It prompted me to send letters to my state, county and city representatives - because we must always make efforts to make our voices hear to them.
It is *essential* to include these groups. And – it is racist and elitist to not include them. People in power just want to hold on to that power and not hear what residents and everyday people think. And there needs to be a plan immediately – if there is not, it sure smells a lot like people are hoping to do more of the same-old, same-old which has not worked – and that everyday people’s concerns will be ignored or the whole set of efforts will be brushed under the rug.
Please continue to use the Messenger to advocate for concerns of the local community and neighborhoods.
Christine Retkwa


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