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I appealed a decision before Councilor Schroeder and the entire Minneapolis City Council* and while I was
somewhat surprised I lost, I was terrified by Schroeder’s indifference to upholding the rules and regulations as
defined in the Minneapolis City Charter.

Section 525.80 of the Minneapolis Code of Ordinances requires that a “Statement of clarification shall include the
findings that led to such conclusions” and zero findings were included with the statement regarding my appeal.

The lack of findings isn’t a benign error in administrative or parliamentary protocol. Requiring that city departments
support their decisions with evidence prevents discrimination, fraud promotes objectivity, and provides clarity and

Schroeder was made aware of this error and rather than request the findings that led to the ultimate denial of my
appeal, he acted as a rubber stamp to the lower department, didn’t hold the department accountable, and didn’t
do his job.

If Schroeder can’t hold a small city department accountable, how can he lead Minneapolis through such an
historic and consequential time in which oversight is desperately needed?

Schroeder failed me, if given the chance he will fail you, and if re-elected he will fail our City. He’s had his chance.
Vote Emily Koski for Ward 11.

Jacob Stewart

* May 18, 2021, “Jacob Stewart on Behalf of Caring Paws Pet Cremation, 916 26th Ave.”
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remLen: 73


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