Voters reject plan to change police department, vote for rent control and executive mayor

Confused about ranked choice voting?


On Tuesday, Nov. 2, voters in Minneapolis rejected a plan to change the Minneapolis Police Department and replace it with a public safety department. The vote was 80,506 no to 62,813 yes or 56.17% against and 43.83 in favor.

As of 4 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 3, citizens were still waiting to hear the results of the park board races. With ranked choice voting, a winner is evident if they obtain a certain percentage of the ballots cast. For the mayor and city council members, that amount was about 50%. For at-large park board members with three open seats, it was about 25%. For district 3, a candidate needed 9,617  votes to win in round one based on the total number of 15,120 votes cast; it was 15,155 in district 5 based on a total of 30,308 votes cast.

For Board of Estimation and Taxation with two open seats, it was about 33% or 31,876 of the total 95,625 votes. There were quite a few ballots (49,712) where the voter did not pick a candidate for this office. Steve Brandt and Samantha 'Sam' Pree-Stinson were announced the winners on Wednesday after two rounds. Brandt earned 33.3% and 31,876 votes while Pree-Stinson got 29,495 or 30.8%.

Mayor Jacob Frey will return for a second term. He was announced the winner on Wednesday after two rounds of tabulations. The final second round count was 70,669 for Frey or 49.1% and 55,007 or 38.2% for Kate Knuth.

For the races that met this threshold, we have listed the number of votes for first choice. This includes: City council races in wards 9, 11 and 12.

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