How much does it cost to win Best Picture? Breaking down the biggest and smallest budgets.

Stacker looked at data from The Numbers on production budgets of Oscar-winning films to see what it costs to win Best Picture at the Academy Awards.
With Beyoncé’s foray into country music, the genre is finally breaking free from the stereotypes that have long dogged it
On Super Bowl Sunday, Beyoncé released two country songs – “16 Carriages” and “Texas Hold ‘Em” – that elicited a mix of admiration and indignation. This is not her first foray into the genre, but it is her most successful and controversial entry. …
The best movies of 2024 so far
Stacker ranked the best films of 2024 so far, using data from Metacritic. Keep checking back to see this list grow as the year progresses.
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24 of the most anticipated movies coming in 2024

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Are the Grammys biased against hip-hop and rap? Here's what the numbers say.

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10 first-time Grammy nominees for 2024

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Mark Rivard of Do Rad Things
Hear from Mark Rivard, creator of Do Rad Things, at 'Let's Connect' event in February
Every artist has an interesting origin story. But nothing compares with how Mark Rivard got started. Rivard began illustrating skateboards with Sharpie markers in the early 2000s. That led to an …
Dr. Joan Madden and Richard Baldinelli founded the 53rd Street Brass Quintet.
Bound by Brass
Musicians Richard Baldinelli and Dr. Joan Madden exude joy whether playing their trumpets in the 53rd Street Brass Quintet, looking forward or reminiscing. The two musicians capture the delight of a …
Events - Feb 2024
LOLA ART SHOW  LoLa will once again be hosting a winter art show at Squirrel Haus Arts in late February and early March, including a reception on Saturday, March 2. Over two weekends in …
One of Heid E. Erdrich’s favorite spots in the neighborhood is the Kenwood School Stone Poem Rain Garden.
A people’s poet
This month, Southwest resident Heid E. Erdrich became the first poet laureate for the city of Minneapolis.  “We need poetry, even if we don’t know we do. There’s a human …
Mural brightens coliseum building and celebrates diversity
Past and present create a beautiful fusion in artist Kada Goalen’s two-story mural recently completed at the Coliseum Building, which is undergoing phase two of its renovation at Lake Street …
Entertainment 2023
Take laughter, add tears: The secret recipe for the most-liked Super Bowl ads
The Conversation looks at Super Bowl ads and what makes for a successful one.  
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25 celebrities who you may not realize have learning disabilities
Marker Learning compiled a list of 25 celebrities you may not realize are affected by learning disabilities, using a variety of news sources.  
Biggest NFL playoff upsets of the last 70 years
ATS.io compiled a ranking of the biggest playoff upsets in NFL history since 1952 using historical point spread data from Stathead.
Highest-grossing genres at the 2023 box office
Casino Bonus CA broke down 2023 box office data to determine which movie genres have brought in the most money as of early December.
Milkweed owner Brenda Ingersoll serves Ronnie Hartman coffee and a donut as part of the Too Good To Go program that pairs customers with surplus unsold food at restaurants for lower prices.
Get cheaper food to go
Had a tough day at work and don’t feel like cooking, but don’t want to pay the price for the family to eat out? Too Good to Go (TGTG) may solve your problem, and enlist your help in …
(Left to right) Mahmoud Rahman, Jack Thoresen, Aurora Quinn, Asmat Ali, and Hafsa Islam of Curry in a Hurry.
Stepping Up
It has been over three years since Gandhi Mahal, a well-known and popular restaurant at 3009 27th Ave. S. in Minneapolis, was burned down during the social uprising following the death of George …
Patricia Neal works with children to tend their neighborhood sponsored garden.
Local model for an urban CSA
“Four years ago, I realized we needed a model for an urban CSA,” says Craig Neal, founder and chief gardener of the Neighborhood Sponsored Garden (NSG) located in a backyard on Beard Ave. …
Some 40 years after Belai Mergia (left) escaped from war-torn Ethiopia, he, the dreamer, and Rahel, the culinary artist who dreamt with him, offer sumptuous meals in a restaurant where patrons are invited to dine in or take out. And enjoy.
Grit, resolve and a restaurant
When 18-year-old Belai Mergia walked through the jungle from Ethiopia to Sudan in 1984, he didn’t picture a restaurant named Selam in his future. Belai had hired two guides yet feared that they …
Sheila and Reid Nelson own Vegan East, which recently opened at 5501 34th Ave. S. Sheila handles the baking and Reid the business side. (Photo submitted)
All of the delicious with none of the guilt
I want to announce that I am writing this article with one hand. Why? Because I am eating a cookie dough cupcake with the other one. I wanted to put the cupcake down, but I can’t. So… …

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The Napoléon that Ridley Scott and Hollywood won’t let you see
The 1802 Battle of Crête-à-Pierrot was part of Napoléon's effort to retake Haiti − then known as Saint-Domingue − and reestablish slavery in the colony. Wikimedia Commons …
15 unconventional Christmas albums from the past 50 years
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