STANDISH ERICSSON Neighborhood Association



Our SENA team has changed and we are happy to be working with a team of committed volunteer board members. Our monthly board meetings occur the second Monday of every month (federal holidays exempted) at 7 p.m. Please visit for more information. Please join us!
Board Members and contact info:
• David Austin,
• Cheryllyne Vaz,
• Sheila Cracraft Fehler,
•Brynn Kasper,

I live in Standish, and have loved it since 2013. My family enjoys exploring our favorite places, finding new ones, and meeting all of our neighbors.
Our family – 2 adults, 2 kids, and 1 big cat – are happy to grow an excessive amount of vegetables for enjoyment now and later, (Pickles! Have you ever made your own enchilada sauce out of green tomatoes?). We bike around the neighborhood, play at local parks, and attend school at Northrop.

What drew you to SENA and this position?
Mid-pandemic, I was looking for a way to clean out our garage, hence the SENA Annual Garage Sale. I saw the Help Wanted and thought, "I want to do that!"
My goal is to be an accessible resource for all questions and to provide workable solutions for the needs at hand.
Our volunteer board of residents, business owners, and property owners make SENA a helpful resource for our community. We provide options, resources, experiences, opportunities, and places for our community to promote a safe, cohesive, and sustainable neighborhood.


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