Engage with your community, join LCC Board


The Longfellow Community Council is looking for new volunteers for our board of directors. Our board is made up of passionate community leaders, like one of our newest board members, Annie Wang.
Annie joined the board earlier this year. A resident of Longfellow, Annie and her family have lived in the neighborhood for several years and have planted their roots here. Being rooted in community means so much more than living in a place. A plant roots to take in water and nutrients, which allows it to grow taller and faster; to make roots in a community is to nourish and support our neighbors so our community can thrive. Annie is invested in supporting and representing the neighborhood – it was one of the reasons she joined the LCC board.
“Neighborhoods grow and change; and this is the most local level to have that voice and share your opinions. I also believe it is important that we should think about the future and be good stewards for future residents while we’re strengthening our community,” Annie says. “With rebuilding projects going on on Lake Street, it is important to be united together and invested into what is going on at this hyper local level, to make sure we are providing equal and equitable opportunities for others.”
LCC board members have the opportunity to express the needs and concerns for our diverse neighborhood and take action through coordinated events, volunteering, meetings, and advising the Longfellow Community Council. Board members are encouraged to join an LCC committee that aligns with their passions and interests – equitable housing and development, environment, and events. Annie is the chair of the events and engagement committee. Increased engagement is something Annie hopes to accomplish as part of the LCC board.
“Knowing your neighbor, regardless of home ownership status or background, is also an important part to building a stronger community. I hope to get other residents involved with LCC in some capacity, even if it’s just being an attendee at an event.”
Connecting with neighbors and businesses is foundational to a strong community. Greater Longfellow has so much to offer – amazing local businesses, great restaurants and diverse people who are invested in building together. Joining the board is a great way to give voice to individuals in this community and make your voice heard.
“If you want to take action in local politics, a community board like this is a great way to get an understanding of how important and impactful it can be. You don’t need to be a homeowner or have a fancy career, your voice and unique experiences are just as important if we want to be truly representative of those who live in the Greater Longfellow area,” Annie says.
Board members are elected by the community during LCC’s general membership meeting and this year voting will be available in-person, and electronically for a week following the May 14 meeting. More information on our election is coming soon. If you’re interested in applying for the board, or would like to know more, visit our website longfellow.org or email andrea@longfellow.org.


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