Vying for this position are Joseph Banks and Dawanna Witt.


Banks started his law enforcement career in south suburban Robbins, Ill. as Police Explorer. After serving in the United States Marine Reserves, he started his first law enforcement job as a police dispatcher and became a part-time police officer. He moved to Minnesota in Minnesota in 1993. He has served as chief of police for the Lower Sioux Police Department and city of Morton, Minn.
How will you balance the Minneapolis voters’ split desire for alternative resources for policing versus adding police?
I would balance the Minneapolis voter’s split desire for alternative resources for policing versus adding police by first adding more deputies on the street for more proactive and impartial policing. This is because of the recent uptake in violent crime and gun violence. I would also work with the community to use community based alternatives to support the efforts of policing working together. Everything is on the table when it comes to keeping the citizens of Hennepin safe.
How do you plan to handle and address the spike in car jackings?
I plan to go after the individual that the carjackers are selling the cars to and insure that those whom are comiting these carjacking are arrested and held accountable.
How will you work to restore trust in the sheriff’s office?
I will restore trust in the sheriff’s office by hiring deputies from Hennepin communities and through efforts to be more transparent as possible.
How do you propose engaging youth and stopping the cycle of crime?
I plan to bring more cop houses to Hennepin and also by teaching our deputies and officers in the county to use more discretionary authority to determine if it's an arrestable or teachable moment. Educating people so they don't have to go to jail and working with the community to find and identify alternative services for youth offenders.
What is your opinion on the use of drones and social media monitoring?
I think that drones can be very helpful in police chases and monitoring of some social media could provide law enforcement a leg up on certain types of crime and help to keep the community safe.


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