Resident shares ideas for 38th and Chicago


I'm part Dakota. We're Irish-Creole mix.
I'd like to start out with changes from 38th and Chicago in a positive manner. The first program is called Adopt a Cop, in which we would have the City of Minneapolis donate a statue of George Floyd with his hand over his heart and his hand extended out to 38th St. as an apology and recognition of the problems that we've had with the police department and the residents here in Minneapolis.
Adopt a Cop is where we take the new recruits in the police department and we separate them from the old police officers into the community, and they become community officers serving the public. As far as the old officers, we're going to start another program called Cuffs for Cops, where whenever they break their oath, they break a law. And whenever they break a law, they break their oath, they get double the penalty because they set the examples and the mood for the rest of the city.
The third part of this program is going to be called Purple Pride on 38th St. This brings in love, peace. It honors up Prince, it honors up the Vikings, it honors up anything that has to do with the color purple. We would decorate all of 38th St. from the river to the cemetery. Each community would gather together, they would paint the telephone poles purple, we'd stain the concrete purple.
We need to rehumanize our community, as one. And in doing so we’re going to honor up this Dakota land. We’re going to bring love and peace back to this community. We’ll change CUP Foods into a food coop. We’ll take Speedway and we’ll change that into a Civil Rights Center. If we were to add a youth center, a teen center, in the building, we can protect our children and educate our children in civil rights.
Bobby Hull, Little Baby Tree


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