Letters - Mar 2024

I noticed that I haven't received the February edition, and I am just wondering if there has been a change. I live in Longfellow. Is there a good place for me to go to get a copy?
I don't mean to complain or be a pain because I seriously appreciate you so much. This free local newspaper is an incredibly valuable part of my life and I want to honor the hard work you all do. Actually, I just convinced myself to make a donation.
Anywho, I feel a hole in my heart where the Messenger used to be and I hope it will still be delivered to me in the future.
I appreciate you!
Michael Wilson
Editor's note: Thanks for the kind words! I’m so glad you reached out to let us know about a delivery issue. We have some new carriers coming on board, and so I’ll let them know they missed your residence. Anyone missing a paper can email delivery@tmcpub.com or call 612-235-7197 so we can correct the issue.
We put out large stacks of bulk copies at local businesses, as well. Find them at East Lake Library, East Lake Liquor, Cub Foods, Seward Coop, Zips Liquor, Quruxley restaurant, Code Blu, Venn Brewing, and Nokomis Library. Smaller amounts are available at other local businesses. 
You can also view our e-editions online at LongfellowNokomisMessenger.com.
I just read the article about the change of delivery service. Sorry to hear! Thanks for commitment to this valuable news source. I read it cover to cover!
Annie Ittner
Just writing to let you know we did get our paper. It’s always fun to read an article by neighbor, Jill Boogren. Hope your delivery services work out – I myself love a paper newspaper and appreciate reading about what’s happening in the ‘hood.
Lorna Landvik
Hi, I’ve been following the Stories and Journeys columns in the Messenger, and agree with writer Donald Hammen about Medicare Advantage Plans. I have volunteered for Health Care for All Minnesota, get information from other sources. Most recently, there have been good articles in The New York Times and the comments are very interesting.
I have been in traditional Medicare for 10 years with a supplement and a Part D plan. If there was a cap on out-of-pocket (the 20%), I would drop the supplement immediately, but probably too big a risk. The supplement gets more expensive every year, so I can understand why people go for the Advantage Plan, not looking at the big picture.
You are right about the fact that you can always enroll in an Advantage Plan, but if you want to switch to Traditional Medicare after being in an Advantage Plan, you can do it but may not be able to get a supplement without “medical underwriting." This happened to me when I moved to Minnesota. I wanted to switch supplements, but was denied (because I was taking 2 mg. of prednisone!). The “medical underwriting” consisted of a person with no medical background asking me a set of questions over the phone. A “yes” meant denial.
I also got a note from Fairview last year saying my doctor is in ACO REACH. It took many calls, but I think I understand it a bit better. My drug plan has been costing less every year.
My husband and I intend to stay in traditional Medicare. Some of my concerns are whether the supplement will get too expensive or whether doctors will all become parts of groups owned by insurance companies and will decide not to accept traditional Medicare.
Thanks for highlighting the situation. 
Virginia Jordan


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