Longfellow Community Council

Lighting way to a safer neighborhood


A couple years ago following the uprising in our community, the Longfellow Community Council and the Longfellow Business Association joined together to help businesses and residents feel safer in the neighborhood through our Business Security Lighting Program and our Home Security Lighting Program.
Finding ways that our community could help keep each other safe was critical after the destruction and trauma radiated throughout our neighborhood and left many of us unsure and afraid. Working with our neighbors and businesses, we were able to provide some small piece of mind to the community through our security lighting programs.
Both projects are intended to support those who might otherwise find it difficult to afford lighting improvements to their property or business. Our Home Security Lighting Program has almost $2,000 left to give up to $500 in support to eligible property owners. The application must include a list of items to purchase and evidence of actual pricing for items and/or work to be purchased/completed. All property owners in the Cooper, Howe, Hiawatha, and Longfellow neighborhoods are eligible to apply.
Thanks to a partnership with the Longfellow Business Association, we were able to expand the funding to businesses as well, who have many of the same security concerns, but are in need of more funds to help with the expense of covering a business property.
Eligible business and commercial property owners may apply for up to $2,500 in matching grant funds. This is a 1:1 matching reimbursement program – LBA/LCC will match business expenses dollar for dollar up to a maximum of $2,500 with the intent of helping to reduce crime and increase safety for businesses in our community.
All business and commercial property owners (including non-profits and faith communities) located within the boundaries of the Greater Longfellow Neighborhood are eligible to apply for grant funding. Business owners that rent space must work in coordination with or receive a signature of approval from the property owner. LBA recommends that businesses and property owners schedule an assessment with a Community Crime Specialist to look at the property and help determine which security improvements will have the most effective impact.
Find more information on the Home Security Lighting Grant on the Longfellow Community Council’s Grant page on our website: longfellow.org/grants. Information for the Business Security Lighting Grant can be found on the Longfellow Business Association’s website: longfellowbusinessassociation.org/security-matching-grants/  or you can email andrea@longfellow.org with questions. 


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