Minnehaha Parkway to stay open through city


Master plan revised after public outcry about closing some sections to vehicles


Drivers will be able to travel the length of Minnehaha Parkway in Minneapolis after all.

Following public outcry last fall to its proposal to close off some sections to vehicular traffic, the Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board has released an updated master plan for Minnehaha Parkway and the creek. It includes continuous motorized vehicle traffic on the parkway road in both directions.

While it still includes an adventure play area and bathrooms under the Nicollet Ave. bridge, the roadway will continue to travel both directions in the area as it does now.

Near Portland, the intersections at 50th and 4th will be better aligned. The northern sections of the parkway will have a set of opposing one ways that are about a block long so traffic can’t drive all the way through, but drivers can instead take the main, southern route all the way through.

Other intersections, such as the one at Bloomington, will get a make-over with curbs and realignment of the traffic lane and trails.

The community advisory committee studying this area made its final recommendations on Feb. 10. Next, the draft Master Plan will be released for a 45-day public comment period. Based on responses during the comment period, the Master Plan may be modified. A public hearing will then be held at a regular meeting of the Board of Commissioners before it is approved.

After the plan is adopted, the MPRB will spend approximately $1 million in the corridor. Specific projects have not yet been determined.

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