You may have a new polling place


The redistricting process in Minneapolis wrapped up at the end of March, with new ward boundaries approved March 2 and new precinct lines adopted March 24. Following the census every 10 years, each state creates new lines of political representation based on updated population numbers, which ultimately trickles down to our the city council and park board. To see a new Ward-Precinct map, visit

All registered voters will receive a postcard from Hennepin County in July with polling place information. It is recommended that all voters verify their polling place before voting this year – there is a simple Pollfinder tool available from the Minnesota Secretary of State found here, but WAIT until mid-June to use this tool, as new data will not be available in the system until that time. Voters can also call the city 311 line as we get closer to the election to inquire about their assigned poll.

Feel free to reach out to the Elections & Voter Services office with any related questions at


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